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"Where no counsel is, the people fall"

Michael Dada

Senior Pastor & Regional Overseer

Pastor Michael A. Dada is a dynamic Holy Ghost-filled preacher whose ministry has witnessed the conversion of souls and miracles, signs, and wonders.  He currently oversees over fifty church locations in the United States, about thirty-five of which were planted under his leadership within a period of fifteen years.  In addition to serving as Regional Overseer in Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor Dada serves as the Chairman Board of Directors of the African Ministers Fellowship (A.M.F.) in the USA and Europe. He is also serving as the National Vice Chairman and Regional Mobilization Coordinator for Africa Strategic Leadership Prayer Network (A.S.L.P.N.) in the USA.  Pastor Michael A. Dada, a former banker turned preacher, holds B.Sc in Business Administration and MBA degrees.  His marriage of twenty-nine years with his sweetheart Roseline E. Dada is blessed with five children.

Olayinka Folayan

Executive Advisor & Young Adults Pastor

Pastor Oláyínká Foláyan, originally from Inisa, Nigeria, embraced Christianity 25 years ago through Pastor W.F. Kumuyi's ministry. Since then, he has dedicated himself to sharing the gospel and received his ministry calling 12 years ago. Currently serving as the Regional Young Adult Pastor and Resident Pastor of Deeper Life Bible Church in Maryland, USA, he actively participates in state and regional committees. Additionally, Pastor Foláyan is a licensed Physical Therapist and holds an administrative position in Virginia. He is happily married with four children and draws strength from Hebrews 6:18, finding solace and hope in the unwavering promises of God.

Michael Ajayi

Advisor & Former President

Mr. Ajayi was apointed to serve as the president of the DLBC Young Adults in May 2021. Before then, he served as the Public Relations Officer and Vice-President of the ministry. He works tirelessly for God and often encourages others to do the same. He is married to Lois Ajayi and the father of Timothy and Isabella Ajayi. He studied Business Administration at the North Carolina A&T State University. He is the founder and CEO of Colevate Inc., a crowdfunding platform where university students in Africa can raise tuition funds. He is also the founder and CEO of 4Traderx Inc., a peer-to-peer currency exchange platform where users set their exchange rates.



"For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required"


"Ye are my witnesses, saith the Lord, and my servant whom I have chosen"

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