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deeper dreams 
scholarship fund

 The Deeper Dreams Scholarship Foundation (DDSF) is dedicated to helping young adults in the Mid-Atlantic/Southeast region who are continuing their education in college/university.
With the rising cost of education in this country, our goal is to help deserving individuals within our church community achieve their career goals, an objective which has the added benefit of improving the church community at large. The purpose of this scholarship is to ensure that no deserving scholar in our church will be deprived of higher education because of a shortage of funds.

Contribute to this fund by clicking the "Donate" button and selecting "DDSF" when choosing your "Reason for Giving." Thank you in advance and we pray God will richly reward you! 

Image by Aaron Burden

​This is a Need-Based Scholarship provided by the Deeper Life Bible Church in the Mid-Atlantic, South-South & South East Regions.


  1. Must be a member of the Deeper Life Young Adult Ministry U.S.A and the Deeper Life Bible Church.​

  2. Must be in college/university or going to college/university within the U.S.

  3. Must apply with an essay of at least 200 words stating your purpose or intent

  4. Must have at least one letter of recommendation from a Deeper Life Young Adult Ministry U.S.A. State rep (excluding DDSF Exco members) or location Pastor.

Josiah John, Award Recipient 2022

My immense gratitude goes to God and the leadership of the DLYA for the DDSF scheme. I feel privileged to have been one of the recipients in 2022, not by merit but by grace.

The scholarship I received has been instrumental in my journey and has provided respite to me as a student. The timely financial support enabled me to pay the balance of my tuition, purchase school essentials, and take a break from work without financial concerns.

I am immensely grateful for this transformative opportunity. It is a testament that the church and the DLYA not only preach about love but also exemplify it.

The support I received has kept me focused, determined, and committed to realizing my dreams. Thank you, and God bless you.

Eunice Braimoh, Award Recipient 2018

I am highly honored to be one of the recipients of the first edition of DDSF Scholarship not by works but by the mercies of the Lord.​

I want to sincerely thank everyone who was a part of creating this fund and I plan to use this opportunity to reach higher goals by God's grace.​

I pray that this fund can continue to impact other young adults. I encourage you to apply soon!

Ayobami Edun, Award Recipient 2018

I am highly honored to be one of the recipients of the first edition of DDSF Scholarship not by works but by the mercies of the Lord.​

I want to sincerely appreciate the church and everyone the Lord used to birth the scholarship vision right from our dear Pastor Dada, the committee and even Bro Emmanuel Omotayo Akande, Pastor in Charge of DLBC Gainesville Florida, who motivated me to apply.​

I take this as a rare privilege and ask that the Lord continue to grow his church and help we the youth/young adults attain our dreams.

I'm immensely grateful for the DDSF that came at a crucial time, just as I was starting my third year in college. It made an enormous difference, covering the significant tuition and fees for both semesters. During that period, pending circumstances prevented me from working, and without this scholarship, I would have been burdened with debt.

My family and I are forever grateful for the support I received and the opportunity to apply for this scholarship. It has truly been a lifeline, and I pray that its impact continues to bless others as it has blessed me. 

Thank you and God bless!

Joshua Adamolekun

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