The Young Adult Ministry is a subset of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, founded by Pastor Dr. W.F Kumuyi more than four years ago. We gather young people between the ages of 18 - 40 on a mission to impact their communities for Christ. A generation of young people set to be a model of Excellence and Godliness through which we draw others to Christ. We are committed to bringing the change we desire in our community, church, and families by sharing God's love as defined by His Word. We are the Generation that will stand for the truth, no matter the cost or implication, because our integrity in Christ will not be shaken. We are the Young Adult Ministry of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry.

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The theme for the year is BUILD, and we want to start the building process by admitting that we can not build except God builds us, and asking Him to build with us from the beginning as we lay the foundation of the Word of God.


Annual singles retreat for the Southeast and Mid Atlantic Region of the Deeper Life Bible Church. This is a Spirit-led initiative to furnish our single men and women with a thorough kingdom disposition that will occasion an accurate transition into being a total man and woman - maritally, financially, and career-wise.

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