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Join us for four days of teaching, worship, prayer, interactive workshops, Marvelous encounters, and so much more!

BUILD 2022 was borne out of a desperate need for our generation to be established on the living doctrines of our Faith as handed down, by the Lord Jesus Christ, through the early church


Without a doubt, there has been an unprecedented increase in knowledge in these last days; however, this has also engendered much deception. For this reason, we must sustain iron-clad convictions to avoid being blown away by the treacherous winds of false doctrine.

Moreover, there is a clarion call by the Spirit of God to prepare towards stewarding the outpouring that He is releasing to the body of Christ. If the move of God will be sustained into posterity, then disciples of Jesus must partner with the Holy Spirit to accurately disciple others.

So that the articles of our Faith are accurately handed, we cannot overemphasize the need for a thorough exposition of scriptures, especially in an atmosphere that allows room for seeking clarification. This conference will seek to address some of those core beliefs which must be gotten right.


Conference Info

  • Date: MAY 26-29, 2022

  • Location: 2176 BOLT DR,
    ​​BELTON, SC 29627​​

  • Host: Pastor Michael Dada,          Regional Overseer

  • Official Conference Accommodation​​

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